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With the advancement of technology and its contribution to the construction sector, various types of structures have emerged. However, among the preferred structures for many years, dating back to ancient times, are reinforced concrete buildings. One of the most significant advantages offered to users by reinforced concrete house models, which are increasingly preferred by a wider audience every day, is their long-term usability. Reinforced concrete buildings constructed with proper craftsmanship, professional touches, and quality materials have a lifespan of at least 50 years. Factors that extend their lifespan include regular maintenance and construction with high-quality materials. Additionally, reinforced concrete structures should only be realized by expert and experienced teams in the field. This ensures that their lifespan is significantly extended.

Due to its geopolitical location, Turkey is highly prone to earthquakes. The country has experienced numerous earthquakes throughout its history, resulting in significant property and human losses. In such circumstances, many individuals seek buildings and homes that are earthquake-resistant. Prefabricated house models are among the most earthquake-resistant structures. Their minimal and ergonomic designs help prevent major collapses. Additionally, their construction with steel materials allows them to flex during earthquakes without breaking or collapsing. Therefore, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that prefabricated houses are resilient against earthquakes.

It wouldn't be incorrect to say that there are many people who want to build a prefabricated house and live a peaceful life. Besides being a safe option, one of the significant features that make prefabricated houses preferred is that they can be obtained economically without the financial strain of a reinforced concrete structure. Among the most frequently asked questions about prefabricated houses is how many years they can be used. A prefabricated house built with proper permits and under suitable conditions typically has a lifespan of around 50 years. However, one of the most important factors to mention regarding prefabricated houses is that regular maintenance is essential. With proper maintenance and the use of quality materials, the lifespan of a prefabricated house can extend up to 70 years. This aspect ranks at the top of the list of advantages gained from using prefabricated houses.

Contrary to common belief, prefabricated houses are not chosen for short-term use. Their resistance to earthquakes and the many advantages they offer make them increasingly preferred for long-term use. The average lifespan of prefabricated houses is considered to be 50 years. However, with regular maintenance, this lifespan can be significantly extended. It's essential to have maintenance done periodically. By doing so, you can extend the lifespan of prefabricated houses up to 70 years. This aspect allows you to become a homeowner economically, both in terms of price and usage.

If you don't want to wait for a long time to start living in your own home and want your living spaces to be entirely yours, one of the best options for you could be steel house models. A steel house, which can be completed within a short period and ready to live in, is suitable for many different climate conditions and all four seasons. Among the most frequently asked questions about steel house models is how many years they can be used. Just like prefabricated houses, steel houses are among the structures that require periodic maintenance. If you regularly maintain your steel houses and do not neglect it, you can use your steel house for over 60 years. A steel house built under normal conditions and in suitable conditions typically has a lifespan of between 40 and 60 years. However, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that a well-maintained and properly used steel house can last up to 100 years.

Single-story steel house models, when maintained under suitable conditions and at regular intervals, can have a lifespan of between 100 to 150 years. This longevity makes them more preferred than reinforced concrete structures. If you want to extend the lifespan and enhance the safety of steel houses, it's important to ensure regular maintenance at specified intervals. The use of steel and stainless materials during the production of steel houses contributes to extending their lifespan. Therefore, having a structure that can last up to 150 years is achievable with steel houses. Their suitability for long-term use is one of the most loved features, both economically and in terms of functionality, which satisfies users.

Steel houses constructed with stainless steel structures are suitable for long-term use. They are manufactured considering various factors, which can affect their lifespan. Additionally, periodic maintenance is necessary during use. When constructed under suitable conditions and with the necessary maintenance performed as required, it is known that two-story steel houses can be used for up to 150 years. With a lifespan ranging from 100 to 150 years, steel houses are becoming increasingly preferred by a wider audience, making them a secure option. The prices of two-story steel houses can vary depending on their lifespan.

The most crucial factor that has made Tiny Houses, as they are named, one of the most preferred structures in recent years is their earthquake resistance. Typically designed to be single-story, occasionally two-story, and falling under the category of prefab homes, these houses provide resilience against earthquakes, preventing loss of life during natural disasters.

The characteristics of a structure determine the price ranges. Typically, prefab houses have a cheaper building feature compared to reinforced concrete houses. The characteristics and long-term lifespan of reinforced concrete houses can also influence the price.

The characteristics and benefits of a structure determine the price ranges of buildings. Due to the quality levels of materials used in the production of reinforced concrete structures, it is possible to say that these structures are relatively more expensive compared to other types of buildings.

Two-story reinforced concrete buildings are more preferred compared to triplex reinforced concrete villa models. The main reason for this is that triplex reinforced concrete villa models are more costly. However, for many people with large families who enjoy hosting guests, triplex reinforced concrete villas have more suitable features.

Triplex steel houses do not rust when used. Made from specially galvanized steel raw materials that are resistant to corrosion, they will maintain their form as long as they remain standing. These structures can provide the advantage of longevity. The normal lifespan of a light steel house system can vary between 100 to 150 years. With the choice of 100% recyclable steel material, Rika Construction's triplex steel house models are designed to provide full protection to the natural environment. They are produced using high-quality materials that do not require top-level maintenance for many years. As a result, maintenance costs that could arise in your budget can also be eliminated.

Reinforced concrete house models, being cast in a single piece or monolithic, do not face connection issues like steel, wood, and precast reinforced concrete. This feature is one of the most important characteristics that make reinforced concrete structures superior to other materials in terms of earthquake resistance. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to say that reinforced concrete buildings constructed under suitable conditions and expertise are earthquake-resistant.

Prefabricated house construction has become a subject with varying price ranges in 2024 due to various factors. Depending on the materials used, the construction to be carried out, and the desired features, it can be said that a cost between 200,000 and 600,000 TL may be required. However, since the features of the projects are different from each other, the cost varies.

Prefabrik house models can be preferred, especially by those seeking earthquake-resistant homes. In a country like Turkey, which is prone to earthquakes due to its geopolitical location, prefabrik houses are among the choices if you want to have a peaceful and secure structure. Many different factors, such as the materials used in construction and being single-story, contribute to their earthquake resistance. Consequently, you might emerge from unavoidable natural disasters like earthquakes with minimized damage. Prefabricated houses, designed to flex during earthquakes, do not lead to unwanted problems like collapse or debris formation. Therefore, if you experience earthquake concerns and seek to reside in a suitable structure, single-story prefabrik house models could be a good option for you.

Living in an earthquake-resistant structure should be a necessity rather than an alternative. When it comes to earthquake-resistant buildings, the first thing that comes to mind is two-story prefab house models. The most significant feature that ensures such intense interest is their suitability for long-term use while being completely resistant to earthquakes. Prefabricated houses, implemented using only first-class materials, flex when faced with unwanted natural disasters like earthquakes. They do not collapse, collapse, or break. Therefore, they provide you with a suitable and earthquake-resistant structure for long-term use. They can help make your life more comfortable and of higher quality.

Various factors are considered when purchasing a house. Among these factors, meeting the desires and needs of the occupants, suitability for all family members, and resilience to natural disasters such as earthquakes are paramount. Due to its geopolitical location, Turkey is a country prone to earthquakes. Therefore, all structures built in Turkey must be earthquake resistant. Otherwise, unwanted loss of life and property may occur. Turkey, being a country with seismic risk, offers its citizens some alternatives in choosing a home. If you want to have a beautiful, satisfying, and earthquake-resistant home, steel construction houses can be one of the best options for you. Steel construction houses, where all materials from wall panels to infrastructure are made of steel, are among the safest structures against earthquakes. Steel is a flexible material. It flexes during earthquakes, thus taking precautions against breaking, collapsing, and debris. Therefore, steel construction house models are one of the most resilient options when it comes to earthquakes.

One of the frequently asked questions about single-story steel houses is their prices, and another is whether steel houses are safe for earthquakes. In developed countries like the USA, steel houses have been among the most preferred structures for many years. Therefore, it can be said that these structures are entirely safe for earthquakes. Only stainless steel materials are used during production. Steel material flexes during earthquakes, minimizing undesirable effects such as collapse, cracking, and debris formation. It plays an important role in having a healthy and safe living space in every aspect.

Houses constructed with steel construction are among the safest structures for earthquakes. Steel material flexes during earthquakes, preventing collapse and debris formation. Steel houses are designed to be both earthquake-safe and resistant to disasters such as fires.

The factors considered when constructing tiny house models vary and depend on the user's preferences. This variability makes it impossible to provide a single piece of information about tiny house prices.

The lifespan of reinforced concrete buildings depends on their usage as well. Careful maintenance of the structure will be necessary. However, generally speaking, it's possible to say that the lifespan of reinforced concrete buildings ranges between 40 to 50 years. This duration can sometimes be extended or shortened depending on individual usage.

The lifespan of reinforced concrete buildings is long. However, the usage pattern can be an influential factor in this regard. Paying attention to the maintenance of the structure is extremely important. Generally, it can be said that the lifespan of reinforced concrete buildings ranges between 40 to 50 years.

The main feature of triplex reinforced concrete houses is that they offer a spacious area. Since triplex houses are designed in a three-story structure, they can have a higher number of rooms. If you are considering choosing a triplex reinforced concrete house, you can create various areas in your rooms. You can create many spaces such as a study room, dressing room, children's room, bedroom, en-suite bathroom, guest bathroom, and more.

For the successful implementation of the triplex steel house project and the construction of a strong and safe structure, it is necessary to prepare the ground conditions adequately. The suitability of the ground is of great importance for the construction of the building. Site preparation involves tasks such as preparing the ground and pouring the foundation slab, as well as adjusting anchor bolts for the building.

In prefabricated buildings, the building plan is first prepared. Standard materials are determined according to the climatic conditions of the region where it will be installed. Apart from the standard materials, optional material selections are also offered in terms of intended use, durability and aesthetic appearance. A contract is made depending on the building plan, materials to be used and manufacturing process. The building is shipped within the time period promised by our company and its installation is carried out by our professional installation teams.

With the use of reinforced concrete house models, energy use is minimized and reinforced concrete houses built as blocks have soundproof properties. While its long-term use makes it an economical choice, it should also be said that it requires little maintenance in a place with high humidity. It is a type of house with high fire resistance and provides safe use.

One of the most curious topics about prefabricated houses is at least how long their lifespan will be. Contrary to popular belief, prefabricated houses are not preferred for short-term use. Prefabricated houses built with suitable materials and under the right conditions can be used for up to 50 years. However, how much care is given to the house and how frequently its maintenance is carried out may cause this period to be longer or shorter.

Prefabricated house models have a long list of structures used in construction. Among the ingredients; U profiles, Steel poles, Concrete slabs, Filling slabs, Betopan stone wool, Glass wool, Wall block, Paint PVC window, Sheathing materials, Steel door, Metal roof cover.

The most important question in the minds of many people who want to have a prefabricated house built and shape it with a single-storey design is whether there are any disadvantages to using a single-storey prefabricated house. While single-storey prefabricated houses offer functional and ergonomic use, they provide you with comfort and elegance at the same time. The most important disadvantage that can be mentioned about prefabricated houses is that they have noise permeability due to the lack of cold and sound insulation in winter months. However, the disadvantages can be minimized if it is done by craftsmen who have expert knowledge of prefabricated house models. With successful thermal insulation, single-storey prefabricated houses can be used throughout 4 seasons. The same applies to sound insulation. If sound insulation is done successfully, there will be no sound flow from outside to inside or from inside to outside. This makes life much more comfortable. ​

Choosing prefabricated houses has both advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages include many different factors, from being an economical option to being completed in a short time. The fact that city life has become tiring causes people to move away from environments such as villages or vineyards and create living spaces there. Prefabricated houses help you live a peaceful life outside the city. It minimizes your fears as it is a safe option against earthquakes. You should know that you should entrust your project to an expert in order to avoid disadvantages with the use of double-storey prefabricated houses. The team, which is sufficiently expert and knowledgeable in this field, carries out all the necessary factors such as heat and sound insulation. Thus, the project is realized with great success. The fact that it is carried out professionally and in accordance with the conditions will prevent you from encountering any disadvantages. In order to avoid any disadvantages and to ensure long-term use, you should take care to have it maintained periodically. This ensures that the usage period is quite long and makes you privileged in many respects. In this way, you can make advantageous use and have the chance to live a comfortable life in your prefabricated house! One of the most important advantages of prefabricated houses is that they are resistant to earthquakes. For this reason alone, thousands of people choose prefabricated houses every year.

Many people who try to decide on a house option that will be completed in a short time primarily encounter prefabricated and steel houses. Prefabricated houses are assembled faster and are more economically advantageous. Steel houses, on the other hand, are much more durable and very strong against disasters such as fire. However, compared to prefabricated houses, the assembly time and the amount to be paid may be higher. But its usage time is longer.

In addition to being delivered in a short time, single-storey steel house models, which provide you with an economic advantage due to their reinforced concrete structures, offer many advantages with use. It is an economical option. It is suitable for long-term use if it is built and maintained under appropriate conditions. Construction and assembly processes are completed in a short time. It provides resistance against unwanted disasters such as earthquakes and fire. It allows you to live a peaceful life in a safe structure. If you choose experts for your steel house and ensure that your project is carried out only by professionals, you do not need to worry about its disadvantages! Among the disadvantages expressed about steel houses is that they do not provide sufficient performance in terms of heat and sound. However, if heat and sound insulation is done professionally and in accordance with the conditions, such disadvantages are eliminated. Therefore, it helps you have a completely safe and comfortable living space!

Among the disadvantages of steel houses is that they do not resemble reinforced concrete structures in structure. This situation did not satisfy many people sufficiently in terms of aesthetics. However, with the developing technology, the appearance of houses built with steel construction has become very similar to reinforced concrete structures. Therefore, it is made possible for you to own a house with an economical and aesthetically pleasing option that is delivered in a shorter time than reinforced concrete buildings. If you do not choose heat and sound insulation during the production of a double-storey steel house, this may create a disadvantage. If there is no insulation, it will reflect the cold air and sound coming from outside. However, thanks to heat and sound insulation, this situation is no longer a disadvantage. It does not reflect the sound inside to the outside and the sound outside to the inside. Successful thermal insulation ensures that steel houses can be used in winter months.

Tiny house models, realized with the necessary mastery and designed with first-class equipment, can be used for up to 50 years. Maintenance must be carried out regularly to extend the lifespan and get efficiency.

Reinforced concrete houses are solid and durable when designed and built correctly. Reinforced concrete structures; It shows great resistance to natural disasters and environmental factors such as earthquakes, wind and floods. Concrete is also fire resistant. Therefore, it provides an advantage to its users in terms of fire safety. ​

Double-storey reinforced concrete houses have a structure that can withstand natural disasters and the risk of fire. Concrete; Although it is well insulated, it offers many advantages as it is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as humidity and moisture. It is possible to say that reinforced concrete houses have a long life. They are ideal structures for long-term use. It is also resistant to structural deformations. What people may see as a disadvantage is that it is costly.

Triplex houses; It has a structure that can withstand natural disasters and fires. Thanks to these structures, they create a solid profile against external factors. Triplex reinforced concrete villa models offer large space as they are designed with three floors. With this wide area feature, people's quality of life increases. There are design possibilities that can include options such as garden and terrace floor. The downside of triplex reinforced concrete structures is that they are costly. Compared to other reinforced concrete structures, more materials are used in its production. In addition, since it offers a large area, its cost is high. However, you can own a structure advantageously by taking advantage of the triplex reinforced concrete villa prices 2024 opportunities. Rika İnşaat offers its designs to your service in order to realize people's dreams and create a comfortable space.

Triplex steel house prices vary. Variables such as design, materials used, requirements of production stages; affects the cost. In this context, it would be better to research companies to get clear and accurate price information and to have an idea about the prices of ready-made steel house structures. These variables remain important for the light steel house structures offered within the scope of triplex steel house Bursa service. Triplex steel house prices are shaped in this direction.

The prefabricated buildings we produce as advanced rough delivery include the following. Prefabricated building materials (Wall units, Connection elements, Ceiling cladding, Ceiling insulation and Roof covering, Installation of external and internal doors, windows, transoms and glasses, interior and exterior painting, installation of electrical and water installations in the building and installation of lamps, sockets and switches) Providing sanitary ware fixtures) mounting the prefabricated structure.

Due to their building materials, the most important feature that should be said about reinforced concrete house models is that they are among the strongest structures. It should be said that reinforced concrete houses built under appropriate conditions and with quality materials are unlikely to be damaged due to any reason, including natural disasters.

If you want to live in a single-storey prefabricated house but think that you can only live in the summer months, you should know that this is a misconception. The single-storey prefabricated house can be used throughout 4 seasons thanks to thermal insulation. Thus, it plays a successful role in eliminating unwanted cold weather and providing a more comfortable living space.

One of the most frequently asked and disadvantaged questions about double-storey prefabricated house models is that they cannot be used during the winter months. However, contrary to popular belief, prefabricated houses can be used both in summer and winter if thermal insulation is achieved successfully. Thermal and sound insulation, successfully carried out by a professional team, prevents undesirable factors such as heat or sound from outside from being carried into the house. This way, you can have a safe home that you can use both in summer and winter!

Steel house models are one of the house types that have many different advantages and disadvantages. Among its advantages; It is durable, can be installed quickly, is a more economical option compared to reinforced concrete structures, and is successful in terms of energy efficiency. However, it should be noted that there are disadvantages that may occur with the use of reinforced concrete house models. Among these disadvantages; Due to its structure, it may cause more noise reflection inside, Thermal insulation may not be as successful as reinforced concrete structures, It may have a different appearance compared to classical houses in terms of aesthetics. However, it must be said that these disadvantages will be eliminated with a quality and successfully constructed steel house. The disadvantages of steel houses built by experts with sufficient experience in this field can be successfully minimized.

Many different factors, such as being durable and providing long-term use, increase the demand for single-storey steel houses. Single-storey steel houses are built by building the necessary materials before construction and then bringing them to the area where the house will be built. These houses, which are built by combining materials, can be insulated during this process. Thanks to thermal insulation, steel houses become suitable for use in both summer and winter. It is possible to protect homes that are successfully thermally insulated and maintained periodically from the undesirable cold weather and disturbing effects of the winter months. In this way, it is possible to have a safe structure that you can use in both summer and winter! ​

Thermal insulation can occur during the construction of a double-storey steel house. If you plan to use your steel house during the winter months, you should definitely choose a thermally insulated model. Thanks to successful thermal insulation, you can spend time in your living spaces without being affected by the cold weather of the winter months.

There are many different materials used during the production of tiny house models. Exterior cladding, windows and doors, glass and fiber insulation, as well as heating and water materials, which are among the frame building materials, are also used during construction. In addition, it is known that the houses are covered with lighting fixtures, laminate flooring and plywood interior cladding to make them usable in all 4 seasons.

The reinforced concrete house, which has a structure that can resist natural disasters and fire, increases people's quality of life and confidence thanks to these features. Also concrete; Although it is well insulated, it can also be resistant to adverse weather conditions such as humidity and moisture. Reinforced concrete houses are generally long-lasting building types. It also resists structural deformations. However, the disadvantage of reinforced concrete houses is that they are costly. Because they are costly, many people hesitate about choosing them. At this point, the characteristics of the building type and the advantages it provides should be taken into consideration. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. This will positively affect your quality of life.

Triplex steel house can be dismantled and installed elsewhere. One of the reasons why these structures are preferred is that they can be rebuilt.

Ground concrete, all kinds of excavation and landscaping works, floor and wall coverings (screed, ceramics, carpet, tiles, etc.), external connections for prefabricated buildings (electricity, sewage, clean water), permits and license procedures to be obtained from the municipality, heating and cooling installations (heating, air conditioning, etc.), covering the accommodation and meal costs of the installation team in installations outside Istanbul, transportation of prefabricated building materials and transportation insurance being covered by our customers.

Although reinforced concrete houses are houses designed with reinforced concrete construction materials and placed in a certain area, it should be said that they are divided into different types. This situation causes changes in reinforced concrete house prices. Among the factors that cause prices to vary are the demands and needs of the user. ​

To build a prefabricated house, zoning and licensing permits must be obtained. In addition, the application document from the cadastre directorate is among the required documents and permits.

As with reinforced concrete structures, planning permission is required and mandatory for prefabricated structures. It is not possible to build a single-storey prefabricated house in any area that does not have zoning permission, and it is not legal. ​

As in all buildings, planning permission is mandatory for prefabricated buildings. For a double-storey prefabricated house, planning permission must first be obtained. ​

Among the curious topics about steel houses are steel house prices and thermal insulation in steel houses. Thermal insulation is of course possible in steel houses. If thermal insulation is achieved successfully, it can be used throughout 4 seasons. A steel house with thermal insulation can also be used in winter months. It helps you successfully protect yourself from the undesirable effects of cold and have a comfortable home.

As in every structure, zoning permission is required for steel houses. It is not possible to build a steel house on any land unless there is a zoning permit. Planning permission is mandatory. Before starting the project, permits such as zoning must be obtained. Various documents are needed for planning permission. Planning permission is obtained through these documents. ​

It is not possible to give a single piece of information about double-storey steel house prices. Many different factors, such as the features you request, the materials to be used or the size of the house, cause price ranges to change. However, considering long-term use and compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures, it would not be wrong to say that it is a much more economical option. In this way, you can have a safe structure at affordable prices and achieve a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones! ​

Since most of the tiny house models are produced with wheels, they have the title of vehicle. For this reason, no license is required for its location on any plot or land. However, you must operate your home, which is considered a vehicle, on highways and have a license.

As of the contract date, 40% of the total amount is received in cash. The remaining balance will be collected as a check with a maturity of 30 and 60 days as of the contract date. Alternative payment plans can be mutually negotiated. ​

When building reinforced concrete house models, iron and concrete are used in the main carrier system. In addition, it is known that the materials used to prepare concrete are sand and cement. But these are just building materials. Apart from this, there are many different materials used for interior and exterior insulation, doors and windows. The materials used may vary depending on the wishes and needs of the user. The fact that the materials used are first class ensures that the lifespan of reinforced concrete houses is longer.

Prefabricated house models are produced with different features to meet different needs successfully. If you want to use your prefabricated house during the winter months, you can have heat and sound insulation. In this way, you can use it in winter months and you will not encounter problems such as cold.

Single-storey prefabricated house prices have a price range varying between 200,000 TL and 600,000 TL. However, the user's special requests and factors to be considered during home construction may cause the price to be higher or lower. Therefore, it would not be correct or possible to give a single piece of information about prefabricated house prices. After the project, the most accurate information will be given to you by the experts who will carry out the construction. However, the most important feature of prefabricated houses that attracts such intense interest is that they are a more economical option compared to reinforced concrete structures.

Double-storey prefabricated house prices vary due to various factors. Although it varies between 200,000 and 600,000 TL, prices increase or decrease due to different factors. ​

If you want to build a steel house on any land, you must first have a planning permit. You can have a steel house built at any point you request after obtaining the zoning permit from the necessary authorities. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that permission is mandatory. ​

Building a single-storey steel house offers advantages in many aspects. It allows you to have a structure that will satisfy you both in terms of safety and aesthetics. However, in order to realize this structure, it is necessary to obtain some permits, as in other constructions. The first of the permits is the planning permit. Then, it is important to obtain permits such as licenses and architectural projects. With the completion of the permits, the single-storey steel house project begins and is completed and delivered as soon as possible. ​

All materials used during the construction of houses made of steel construction are stainless steel. Although the materials used in both interior and exterior parts are similar to each other, they may vary due to factors such as wishes, needs and size. If the project is prepared, you will be given detailed information about the materials to be used. The fact that the materials used are first class and stainless steel makes your home more comfortable and safe.

Tiny House, which is a house that can be used both for a long time and throughout all 4 seasons, thanks to the necessary building equipment, can also be preferred during the winter months. Thanks to the insulation system, these houses offer comfortable use during the winter months. Therefore, it prevents you from being disturbed by the undesirable effects of the cold.

Our customers take care of licenses and legal permits themselves. To obtain a license, institutions require an architectural project, electrical project, plumbing project, mechanical plan and ground survey. These are provided by our customers. ​

There are various factors taken into consideration when determining reinforced concrete house prices. Reinforced concrete structures, which are made with concrete material and are one of the most important house types for the construction industry, can be designed to suit the user's wishes. This causes the materials used and therefore the prices to vary depending on demands and needs.

Prefabricated houses can be built to suit all seasons. Installation is completed in a short time. You can design it according to your own tastes and needs. It is earthquake resistant. It is sensitive to the environment. Unlike reinforced concrete houses, it is suitable for modifications. It is an economical option. But it must be said that it also has disadvantages. Its lifespan is shorter compared to reinforced concrete structures. It may cause yawning problems. Noise may occur in natural situations such as rain and storms. However, if you do not want to encounter disadvantages, you should know that you should choose a prefabricated house of high quality and built under suitable conditions. A quality prefabricated house built under suitable conditions minimizes the disadvantages. ​

Many different materials such as steel poles, concrete slabs, stone and glass wool are used in the construction of single-storey prefabricated houses. If you have never seen a prefabricated house before or have not done research on its construction, you may feel insecure because it is completed in a short time. However, prefabricated houses are as safe as reinforced concrete structures and are made with first-class materials.

Many different materials, from construction to carrier cage, from PVC windows to iron doors, are used in the construction of 2-storey prefabricated houses. There is a long list of materials used for both interior and exterior parts. Facade cladding panels are one of the most important materials used in prefabricated house construction. These materials are generally produced with stainless galvanized sheet metal. It is important that the materials used are first class. Thus, the usage time becomes longer. The possibility of encountering undesirable effects during use is minimized. It is usually produced with steel or wooden material. This allows it to flex during an earthquake. In this way, prefabricated houses will not collapse or shrink even if they encounter an earthquake. This plays an important role in making use much safer while extending the duration of use. Many of its unique features and the privileges it offers during use lead to the preference of prefabricated houses. The construction of prefabricated houses usually takes about 15 days. This period may also include permits obtained and completion of the project. ​

Steel house prices are among the most frequently asked questions on this subject. The materials used during construction cause the area where the construction will take place, the demands of the user and the prices to vary. It may be possible to say that it will vary between 7,000 and 10,000 TL per square meter as of 2024. It may be correct to say that it is a more economical option compared to reinforced concrete structures. In addition, it is preferred by a wider audience every day due to the advantages it provides during use.

In order to build a single-storey steel house, there are permits that must be obtained and documents that must be obtained accordingly. Construction of steel structures is determined within the framework of the provisions of Article 20 of the Zoning Law. Among the required documents; There is a document regarding the zoning status, a list of the location where the construction will take place, a sample map plan, a steel house project, necessary information about the electricity and plumbing of the building, and if the area where the construction will be carried out is shared, the consent obtained from the shareholders. After completing these documents and obtaining the necessary permits, you can start choosing among single-storey steel house models. Steel houses are structures that are both durable and long-lasting, allowing you to have a home that is entirely your own, with details that you can pay special attention to.

Planning permission is mandatory for the construction of a double-storey steel house. A steel house cannot be built on a land that does not have zoning permission. If you want to build a steel house on a shared land, you must obtain permission with the consent given by the shareholders. Otherwise, building a steel house on a land that does not have planning permission is illegal and will be considered a crime.

As with every structure, these structures called tiny houses have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage is that the construction cost is much lower than traditional houses. In addition, you can move whenever you want with your house, which is in the vehicle category. Since there are no idle areas at home, you will have more of your own and this will provide you with freedom. Having a smaller area ensures that the energy used for lighting and heating remains at a minimum level. In addition, tiny house models also contribute to a sustainable future. Its disadvantages are that it can use less furniture than traditional houses and it has the difficulties of being in a narrower house in terms of comfort. In addition, since its infrastructure is not as useful as traditional houses, its lifespan may be shorter.

It can be built as 2 floors.

In the construction of reinforced concrete houses, sand and cement are combined and then concrete is poured into the molds prepared with the help of iron bars to create a mold for the foundation. However, in prefabricated houses, this situation varies in the form of construction with the help of steel metal poles of special thickness. Therefore, many differences such as the materials used and the construction phase distinguish prefabricated houses from reinforced concrete houses. ​

The average lifespan of prefabricated houses produced from different materials to meet different needs is 50 years. However, this period may be extended or shortened due to various factors.

Single-storey prefabricated house models attract attention because they offer a privileged living space. In addition to zoning and license permits, you can have a single-storey prefabricated house built in the area you want, through the application document. The characteristics of the area you will build and your expectations from the house may cause single-storey prefabricated house price ranges to vary. Thanks to these houses, which you will receive in a short time, you can move them to your living spaces without wasting time. You should take care to obtain the necessary permits before the project. Otherwise, you may encounter various problems. The project process begins once the necessary permits are obtained. It takes approximately 15 days for the designs required for the project, the production of the materials to be used, and the completion of the construction by combining the materials. You can move it home after 15 days.

Among the most curious issues regarding double-storey prefabricated house models are the permits required for zoning. It is very important to obtain planning permission for a prefabricated house. Otherwise, a prefabricated house cannot be built on a land that does not have planning permission. This situation causes you to encounter various legal problems. In order to avoid such problems, permission must be obtained. The project starts after the permit process. Construction is completed within 1 or 2 weeks after the project starts. Therefore, after obtaining the necessary permits, you can move into your home and start living in a very short time.

Many different materials are used in the construction of steel houses. All materials used are earthquake resistant and made of stainless steel. It is generally produced with light steel material that is coated with zinc and galvanized. In addition, if the user requests, heat and sound insulation can also be provided. The quality or aesthetic appearance of the materials to be used in the exterior and interior structure is decided together with the user. Thus, steel house models are designed to meet all demands of the user in terms of both aesthetics and needs.

Since double-storey steel house models have a wide range of options, they can successfully meet different requests and needs. House designs that change in line with wishes and needs cause prices, that is, costs, to differ from each other. Steel houses, which allow you to make a logical decision in every aspect without breaking away from cultural ties with their eye-catching house models, have great confidence in terms of construction. The fact that they save energy helps you make a good decision for the environment.

Thanks to proper maintenance and necessary work, tiny house models can be used for up to 50 years. However, it should also be said that it must be constructed appropriately in order to have a long service life.

Prefabricated houses have an insulation system that allows use in all seasons. It can be produced to suit all climatic conditions. Their production is carried out by taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region where the structures will be built.

In order to build a reinforced concrete building, the land is first examined and then the zoning status information is obtained from the municipality. Then the project is prepared and calculations are made. A ground survey is carried out on the purchased land and a static project is prepared following the prepared architectural project. With the preparation of projects such as electricity, machinery and map files, the project begins if you approve the municipal building permit application. After the construction site installation, ground improvement is carried out and then excavation works begin. Then concrete is poured, foundation insulation is done and the foundation is laid. Along with the construction of the foundation, the roof is built, brick works are carried out, plumbing works are carried out, blind frames are installed, plaster, plaster and satin plaster works are carried out. In the final stages, sheathing takes place and the exterior is painted, pipes are laid, ceramic coating is applied, and composite facade operations are completed. After completing operations such as installing windows, parquet, kitchen cabinets and doors, reinforced concrete house models become ready for use.

When you buy a new land, you need to get more permission, wait longer and incur more expenses to build a reinforced concrete house. However, this is not valid for prefabricated houses. The budget you need to allocate in 2023 for prefabricated house models, which can be built in different square meters and with different materials, varies between 200.00 and 600,000 TL.

As with any building, building a steel house requires a zoning permit for the land. During steel house construction, it is not possible to start and implement construction without a zoning permit. It is important to obtain planning permission from the necessary authorities.

Planning permission is required for the construction of a two-storey steel house that protects nature. For this purpose, there are architectural projects, home installation projects, information that needs to be given about electricity or water, and documents that need to be submitted. The permissions you receive in line with these documents will help the project start. In this way, you can have a home that you can use for many years and that is resistant to disasters such as earthquakes or fire. Owning a house designed with steel construction can enable you to make a logical decision both structurally and economically.

Tiny house prices vary according to models, square meters and factors to be considered during construction. However, it can be implemented at much lower costs than traditional houses. ​

We can make any project you want by adapting it to our axle dimensions.

All applications made in reinforced concrete buildings can also be done in prefabricated buildings. Adhesives used in ceramic applications in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens must have siliconized (elastic) properties. ​

It is important and mandatory to obtain permits to build a prefabricated house, just like it is to build a reinforced concrete house. Prefabricated houses cannot be built unless permissions such as zoning permits are obtained. Necessary permits must be obtained from appropriate authorities. ​

One of the most curious topics for 2024 has become steel house prices. This subject is being researched due to the many advantages it offers. It would not be wrong to say that the costs vary between 7,000 and 10,000 TL per square meter. ​

Since the tiny house is treated as a vehicle rather than a home, it does not need a license in any location, but it must be processed as a vehicle. ​

The most important feature that makes prefabricated house types attract such intense interest is that they are completed in a short time. When you decide to have a reinforced concrete house built, you may have to wait almost years to start living in the house. It takes a very long time to complete the construction. But this is not valid for reinforced concrete houses. The manufacturing of the parts is completed in approximately a week. The construction of the house will be completed within 15 days. The parts are made in a separate place and brought to the area where the house will be built and assembled. Therefore, it is a process that is both practical and completed in a short time. You do not have to deal with construction dirt and it allows you to move it to your home in a short time.

Steel house models have different options that you request in terms of aesthetics. Before the project phase, a draft is shown to you on the computer. After approval, the project starts. In order to implement the project, planning permission must be obtained. Steel house construction begins after the zoning permit is received from the necessary authorities. It is preferred because it can be completed in a short time. It is used for different reasons and purposes such as home, office or workplace. It is resistant to disasters such as earthquakes or fire. If maintained under appropriate conditions, it can last for over a century.

You can review it in the "Technical Specifications" section of our website. ​

Since the factors taken into consideration when building tiny house models vary depending on the wishes and needs of the user, not every model is the same. This not only ensures that the models differ from each other in appearance, but also causes the price and production time to vary. It is known that the time required for the production of an average tiny house model is 1-2 months. It is important that these structures, which must be built by experts in their fields, have regular post-construction maintenance in order to have a long-lasting use. Thus, tiny house models become a house that can be used both in summer and winter.

Depending on the size of the project, steel construction homes can often be built in less time; typically faster than traditional building techniques. ​

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